Cardinal Security Researchers


Raymond H. Blotteaux, Private Detective

Owner/Operator of Cardinal Security Researchers

Serving Country and Community since 1953, if you're looking for someone with more experience, they're dead!

Mr. Blotteaux is a private detective, licensed since 1978 with thousands of assignments contributing to his expertise. After servicing his country in the Air Force, he began his career in law enforcement as a Chicago Police Officer in 1959 and, as an officer, received numerous honorable mentions and departmental commendations.

In the years that followed, he served as a police officer in Hoffman Estates and was Director of Security at Lutheran General Hospital. Mr. Blotteaux’s educational background consists of post-academy course work in fundamentals of criminal investigation, organized crime, the challenge of crime in a free society and Illinois criminal law and procedure.

The majority of his clients are attorneys and insurance companies; however, he is also retained by individuals and organizations in other areas of the private sector. Cardinal Security Researchers specializes in all types of surveillance cases, surveillance using video and still photography, uses interview and interrogation skills to fulfill the request of his clients.